Hello World!

28 January 2014 · a minute to read

That's my very first post, so...Hello World!

I won't introduce myself in detail, as you 'll find out many information about me in my social netoworking profiles; the only thing that I would like to express as a first feeling is to just excuse me about whatever you may not like and is related to the current blog's layout and "look & feel" - I'm a newbie blogger, so be patient about it, please!

I just want to mention, that the purpose of this blog is mostly to share programming and software related information that I find interesting (and to get feedback, of course) ; something tha cannot be done through social networking (except GitHub).

To sum up, my second post will be related to Primefaces 4.0 + JSF 2.2 configuration in Eclipse Kepler (v4.3).

So, stay tuned!