New Published JSF 2.0 Tutorial

5 February 2014 · a minute to read

Although during exams everything else, is very difficult to deal with, I yesterday decided to take a break from studying, by writing an example about RadioButtons integration with JSF 2.0, for the JCG community. At this point, I'm very happy that this time wasn't wasted from studying, mainly for two reasons:
  1. I got some serious troubleshooting during the tutorial's development, which I'm going to display in a new post, in order to help others that may face same problems, sometime
  2. Despite this wasn't the first time that a product of mine was accepted from the wider community of Java, today I was more like happier, as a Java's twitter account, twitted the fore-mentioned example; a tweet that was favorited from Reza Rahman, a multi-dimensional professional and a Java Evangelist, working for Oracle, a person that I personally admire and respect a lot.
Obviously, the above two-point-list isn't "catchy" for anyone, but encourages me to continue contributing to the software community.

Time to study, have a nice evening.