How to export Eclipse project as a .zip file

6 March 2014 · a minute to read

Hi there!

After a pretty exhausting day at work, I thought why not updating a little bit my blog with a post that someone could find useful?

I got inspiration while writing my last tutorial for Java Code Geeks, which I scheduled for tomorrow (and yes, you guessed it right, I'm gonna talk again about a tutorial of mine hah).

So, most of you that ended up to this post, possibly found yourself in the same position as I did, a long time ago: while working on an eclipse project, you simply thought about zipping the whole project and yes, it would be cool if there was a way to implement it not by hand.

Here are the steps:

  • Right-click on the project and navigate to Export :

  • Select Archive File and click Next : 

  • Select which folders/files you wish to exclude from the final .zip (I excluded the target folder, as you see), give a name to the compressed file and hit Finish : 

And a final note : target  folder is what comes out from maven execution, so we obviously don't need it in a .zip file or in a project that we plan to upload to github, for example.

Hope you found it interesting,