GitHub bug

24 January 2017 · a minute to read


Today, on a Windows machine, I was about to create a new issue in GitHub.

We have a saying in Greece: “1 picture = 1000 words”, so, I always try to provide visual representation of such technical situations, when possible.

In today’s case, it was enough if I just provided a screenshot, ‘cause it perfectly depicted the erroneous situation. So, being lazy as always, I just use the preinstalled Snipping Tool from Windows to work around capturing a snapshot of a part of my screen and copied the snapshot to clipboard, using the “copy” button that Snipping Tool provides:

Copy button

Following step is obvious: navigating to the github issue I am about to open/create and Ctrl+V. I then thought I had some remnants of a previous paste, which was wrong in my opinion, so I had to first delete the pasted from clipboard snapshot and hit again Ctrl+V. Hitting “Delete” is an extra button and I fore-mentioned I’m lazy, so I just selected all the contents of the text area (Ctrl+A) and instantly tried to replace them with my clipboard (Ctrl+V):

Boom! A cat is killed! Previously added contents are added on top of the latest pasted content.

Too minor, but I thought I’d share, in case GH support ends up here sometime.

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