Hi again

15 October 2017 · 3 minutes to read


Well, it’s been a really crazy period and I’m not referring to anything else other than my thoughts regarding my blog. From Blogger to WP to Jekyll to WP to Blogger to…finally Jekyll again, it’s been a long journey.

From Jekyll to WP

Actually I was pretty fine at the point when I very first migrated to Jekyll, but then, the theme I was using wasn’t such of a fit for me. Write a new one from scratch? No, unfortunately I didn’t (and I don’t) have the time capacity to learn something like this right now. So, roll back to WP, which provided me everything out of the box!

To Blogger

But, again, the free version of WP (the dot com one) does not allow visitors to comment on your posts, unless they have a WP account. So, back to Blogger again, since I was still seeing traffic on that one, even with a redirection to WP already in place.

To Hope

But, I wasn’t receiving as much traffic as I initially anticipated I did and on the other hand, Blogger is quite dirty to deal with. I was searching for something I could benefit from; hopefully, this time, it worked! flexible-jekyll came to the rescue:

  • simplistic
  • contains what I want (including analytics, which was one of the reasons that I did the come-back to Blogger, actually), out of the box
  • UI fits my needs and views (, although I’m not the expert to judge about front-end stuff)
  • I played with it for only 30’ and I learned much more than I did after 1 month of the theme I used on my first time (you see? I’m nt even inclined to search for its name anymore :-P ) ; ok, maybe it’s also that I now know better how to find my way around it

Here, one might argue about the fore-mentioned-analytics-part, since it shouldn’t be that of a big deal to configure analytics myself, but as I said, having had no prior exposure to such things and having had failures trying to configure it in my past jekyll installation, it proved to work like a charm this time, since I didn’t only understand, but I also read about the concept.

Hopefully, there will be no more changes, “provider-wise”.

Quote from Slogan

Δεν είναι κακό να αλλάζει κάποιος. Σηματοδοτεί ότι βελτιώνεσαι, αναθεωρείς και εξελίσσεσαι. Βλέπεις αλλιώς τα πράγματα.