My first time as an exhibitor

30 January 2018 · a minute to read

Hey, I’ll keep this post abstract, since I’m really rushing for other stuff.

Today I was at the JVMCON, which was actually the very first event that I attended as an exhibitor:


To be honest, I didn’t expect it to roll that way.

What I expected was that I would just sit in the table JVMCON prepared for us, maybe talk a bit with the rest of exhibitors and work a bit on my own stuff, since nobody would bother that much.

However, there was a bunch of people that didn’t know about Utrecht JUG yet, so, they walked to our table to get more info about who we are, what we do or just grab a sticker :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The funny part of such events is that you get to see many familiar faces (from past conferences that you may have co-attended, if I may put it that way), so, even if you go alone, it ends up being fun, even during the breaks.

Other than that, I finally met Vlad, the Organizer of Amsterdam JUG, with whom we have been exchanging a few mails from time to time, but today, it was only about exchanging ideas and experiences about JUG and work (since we also both work for ING).

Many thanks to Johan for inviting us.