Become Your 2019 Hero

31 December 2018 · 6 minutes to read

I will not write a blog about my year’s resolution, since trying to motivate you is more important. No matter how your 2018 was like, we need to make sure 2019 is a better one. Here’s my tips list to do so.

Your Hero List for 2019

1. ToDo list

Time to admit it, digital lists are not our cup of tea. Traditional ones to the rescue.

All you need is an A4, a pen and 7 days to pull off your weekly tasks.

2. Learn something new every day

It doesn’t really matter what this is, you just need to enjoy it. It could be a bit of coding for your pet project, history, philosophy, arts, or even a new language 🇳🇱.

Learning something new can slow cognitive aging.

3. Expose yourself as much as you can

There are things you want to do but you either don’t dare doing or you’re just afraid of taking the next step.

What keeps you back? The fear of failure?

You will never have the chance to live the same moment twice

…and this is the cool part of life; you make the latter part of your life approach, you start living as a free (wo)man.

4. Motivate yourself

That’s a complex one; many people want to help you in finding out what motivates you, but unfortunately…

The only person who can motivate you the most is YOU.

Rocky taking some time to motivate himself before the fight with Creed.

Even if I arranged a session with the best Life Coach or Influencer in the world, it would not be enough for you to start changing and find your own motivation, unless you know who you are.


The ones with high self-awareness have the tendency to become the most successful ones.

5. Believe in Yourself

Everyone’s been through difficulties, but no one likes drama.

No matter what you’ve heard through any journey (career, health, etc.) of yours, you need to keep going, because in the end…

No one will care more about you, but you.

Truth is, your spouse, friends and family do love you a lot, but the only one who cares most about you is YOU. Hence,

Enable yourself to understand what you’re capable of.

6. Love Yourself

Self-awareness is one of the core values of one’s personality; however, as human beings we tend to sometimes become strict with ourselves when it comes to goals and self-critisism. Try to keep a balance between self-awareness, self-criticism and love to yourself.

7. Keep going

You ‘ve set your goals. That implies you’ve made some agreements with yourself. Be loyal to yourself and the agreements you’ve made together and keep going. No matter what.

In order to become the 1% you must do what the other 99% won’t.

8. Code

No matter what your current profession is, coding will definitely make you smarter.

And if my authority is not enough to convince you, I’m just seconding Steve Jobs and Mr. Obama:

U.S. President Barack Obama participates in an 'Hour of Code' event with middle-school students.

9. Relax

Good machinery needs good maintenance. Thus, invest some time in relaxing as well.

10. Sleep

A good sleep is precious. It will definitely make you more productive. Do it. And do it well; it’s more healthy to sleep between 12:00 and 06:00 rather than between 06:00 and 12:00. 7 hours per day is good enough.

11. Have fun

Same as with motivation; it’s completely up to you. What is fun for someone might not be considered as fun for someone else.

For example, this is what I considered fun back in 2014, but now, I find entrepreneurship more fun :joy: .

12. Be Happy

This one is up to you as well.

I’ve been through many conflicts with my father until I reached a point where I had to take a decision; either I would accept him as he is or we could never have a healthy relationship.

You need to accept some things in this life, and for me, I accepted the way he was and…that was the best thing I’ve ever did, because by enabling my mind’s eye in this relationship, I managed to overcome any conflict we’ve been through and keep only the positive parts of him, which otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to see, because then I would have kept myself hostage of my own past emotions about him.

I want you to enjoy your life

he is always telling me, and what he means is to just find happiness in the small things of life. I’m not sure whether the fact of being positive has anything to do with the seeds he’s been planting in my head for years, but the message/tip here is that indeed:

Happiness is a state of mind.


  1. Keep a handwritten todo list for your weekly tasks
  2. Learn something new every day (even 20’ of your time is enough)
  3. Expose yourself as much as you can (, but don’t do things I wouldn’t do)
  4. Motivate yourself
  5. Believe in yourself
  6. Love yourself
  7. Keep going no matter what
  8. Code
  9. Relax
  10. Sleep
  11. Have fun
  12. Be happy


That wasn’t a year’s resolution, was it? :wink: