About me

My name is Thodoris Bais. I am a Scrum Master, Mindset Coach and JUG Leader.

It's me in 2018, during our #meetoberfest meetups with Utrecht JUG, where we hosted James Gosling (Father of Java).

As a Scrum Master, I create trustworthy environments where Teams can collaborate in a healthy way, increase their productivity and deliver high quality products on time.

As a programmer, I’ve been building enterprise software for 5 years. During the day, I was making a living with Java and in the night, I was contributing to open-source. Given that I currently serve Teams as a Servant Leader, I keep my technical skills up-to-date by contributing to JSR-385.

As a JUG Founder & Leader, I evangelize Java by organising different kinds of events within Utrecht Java User Group.

As a Mindset Coach, I help individuals on their career and life aspirations with personalised one-on-one coaching.

As a Trainer, I teach people how to identify Leadership in themselves.

As a Speaker, I want to speak at conferences and meetups.

Email me

My email is thodoris.bais@gmail.com. I reply within 48 hours.

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I am @thodorisbais on Twitter. Follow me to learn more about people, technology and people in technology.